About Us

We are
Highflyer Team and
a Company ready for flight!

We are a team of four engineers working to produce high-tech products. Our team's journey started with getting together for technology competitions. The harmony and division of labor among us has eventually evolved into a business partnership, crowned with successful results.

We offer our optimization and artificial intelligence solutions that will reduce the problems of industry companies with the developing technology and increase their competitiveness. On the one hand, we are in a period when the product prototyping that we target with our R&D studies is progressing. We are working on realizing the simulated studies to the real world. The technology we have developed, from the security sector to agriculture, from the entertainment sector to search and rescue In many areas, it increases the potential of robotic vehicles, especially drones.

Our Team


Electronical Engineer


Technical Manager
Electronical & Computer Engineer

Esad DAĞ

Software Developer
Computer Engineer

Yunus Emre AŞKIN

Financial Manager
Electronical Engineer